To build a website do you need Dreamweaver?

Ok I wonder if freelancer and professionals who build websites use Dreamweaver? To build the tables etc..? Or are they doing this from scratch? Or they already have a few templates and build there websites from there and add features etc..??
As web developer not looking to build a site with a tool offer by hostings.

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4 Responses to “To build a website do you need Dreamweaver?”

  1. Angela Q says:

    Modern websites are not made with tables. Sometimes designers use Dreamweaver as a convenience, but there is still lots that they need to know how to do without relying on programs as a crutch. They usually make their own templates.

  2. Sniper . says:

    Not all designers use Dreamweaver but it makes it easier. I use it, I have a friend who is a php programmer and he makes his tables from scratch. I think its more time consuming but thats how he does it. I guess it depends on the person. Im sure they also have a few templates of their own they tweak a bit when creating a website to make it look a lot different. The same template used in a completely different site will make it look nothing a like.

  3. crempel2007 says:

    I think most pro’s have templates that they work off of, but you certainly do not need Dreamweaver. I hardly do anything with tables anyways… css is the way to go my friend :P

  4. leelou21uk says:

    You don’t need dreamweaver.
    Some Hosts come with a website wizard and plenty of ready made scripts to accomplish what you are after.

    I suggest you have a look at they will register a domain name for free for life and come with unlimited webspace and unlimited data transfer and you can go with them on a monthly basis.

    Also when you sign up with them if you enter in a discount code they will give you 25% off their ridiculously cheap hosting plans. code to use is 25OFF

    I host all my sites there and have been more than pleased with their help and support which is available by phone support! I hope this helps


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