What type of wood should I use to build a chair or stool?

As a project i have to built something to seat. I can't use nails or screws. What type of wood is typical for this kind of projects?
I dont plan to use oak. I need something cheaper.

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  1. Billy M says:

    I would recommend most hard woods,If I was making one and didn’t want to use oak, then I would use walnut. I buy all of my lumber from a saw mill, not a lumber yard or hardware store. I do have to do a Little bit more work with the wood, but its only 1.65/bf for oak, and 1.95/bf for dark walnut,oak is the cheapest hardwood. Even try looking up the small independent saw mills some time you will be amassed at what they have laying around. Good luck

  2. daniel b says:

    Pinewood is cheaper but any redwood will cut it.

  3. Tom says:

    I would not use pine for legs, but maybe tight-grained hemlock or spruce. Can you buy pre-formed parts (legs) or do you have to make it all yourself? My personal preference would be maple, tough without being amazingly expensive. Birch and ash are other possibilities moderate strength and easy to work.

    Wedges, dowels and glue? I’ve done it and it’s interesting.

  4. Shakey B says:

    Brazilian rat cherry makes a really nice chair.

  5. larry f says:

    i build furniture. a chair needs to be of solid construction. you need to use a hardwood. oak,maple,mahogany,teak,or any other type of hardwood that you like. furniture grade lumber is not cheap and you still need to mill it and dress the lumber. you need certain tools to do this and they are also expensive. you also need to know the techniques used in chairmaking.

  6. split dog says:

    Could go the "rustic" route & use pine.
    Not for fine, thin legs & such.
    Soft as mentioned, but if you use thick building lumber & strong "chunky" well glued joints you should be fine.
    Consider using hardwood dowels to pin things together .
    Easy to work with & will not break the bank.
    Might look into some sites that show typical joints that you can handle.
    Best regards

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