Some good power tools to get started with?

Well im planning to build a shed in the back yard.
What are some good power tools to get started with?
From home depot or lows.
Give as much info as possiable thanks guys!

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    3 Responses to “Some good power tools to get started with?”

    1. M M T says:

      Buy the best quality you can afford. Get extra batteries if the item does not come with a couple, especially a drill. There used to be a lot of power difference between battery operated and corded drills but that isn’t as big a problem as it once was. I can’t tell you the last time my husband used his corded drill; it’s been years!

      Now circular saws that are corded still do a better job. He has a little battery operated circular saw that does great for thin materials like paneling because it doesn’t run as fast but for brute cutting strength, a corded one is still better.

      A miter saw can cut a lot of material like you would be cutting for a shed. Hubby uses his a ton! Then you would only have to use the circular saw for things like sheet goods (plywood or T111).

      Dewalt is one of the brands of choice here. Hubby has several Dewalt items and they have lasted and still work really well. He’s got a few of the higher end Black & Decker (used to be called Firestorm) and he’s also happy with that set up.

      Buy the best you can afford, what fits comfortably in your hand. You can go a long way with a cordless drill set up, and a circular saw or a miter/chop saw.

    2. Karen L says:

      No one should be without a cordless screw gun, in my opinion. Buy one with good battery capacity and which is comfortable in your hand. An extra battery can come in very useful though they are expensive. A really cheap screw gun will only disappoint. A corded drill is useful if you really need a lot of power, like for drilling into brick or metal a lot, they aren’t expensive and will last many years for most people. If you’re cutting a lot of lumber a skil saw or chop saw is good. A compound mitre chop saw is the most useful and very worthwhile because it makes it very easy to cut angles accurately, very useful when building walls. That and the drill or screw gun are really all you need for power tools to build a shed. Jigsaws come in very handy too. Those three–drill/cordless screw gun, chop saw/skil saw, jigsaw, can do 90% of what a normal homeowner does. Don’t buy a nail gun unless you go for the kind that works with a compressor and is very expensive. Few homeowners bother with them. Table saws are useful and nice to have but most of us don’t really need them. Reciprocating saws are handy sometimes for rough cutting.

    3. Danikam says:

      Most important to get started is: Circular Saw (worm drive is best)……….Sliding Compound Miter Saw………..3/8" Electric Drill with twist bits and flat wood bits (These are for framing)

      Also, if you want a concrete slab under it, a small Electric Cement Mixer. (make good concrete forms, leave a place to pour a concrete ramp from ground level to top of slab to wheel in lawn mower and/or other yard tools) and be sure to put in J-bolts to hold down the lower plates.
      You may also want to get a shingle stapling gun (easier on the fingers than driving roofing nails with a hammer) but it’s up to you and your budget. I hope I’m not preaching to the choir, since you are serious about building it yourself, you may be quite savvy already and may have detailed plans (blueprints) already.

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