Where can I obtain lumber to repair a 1940's era redwood picnic table set?

This 1940's era redwood picnic table set was handed down to us and originally belonged to my husband's grandparents. It is not treated or stained. We need to replace the legs and braces because some pesky squirrels have been sharpening their little teeth on them. I want to use as close to original lumber as I can get but do not know where I can purchase it, or if it is even available anywhere. The separate benches and table top have been made from 2x's with 4 and 6 inch width boards and the braces and legs are 2x2 and 2x3. All of the boards are of the dimensions used in the 1940's, which by today's lumber dimension standards are probably not the same. Nor do I want treated or stained lumber. And I certainly do not want to use the set for kindling in the fireplace. Any ideas?

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    1. disco legend zeke says:

      i have found roughsawn (not planed) 2 X redwood in LOWES.

      it is unstained and untreated.

      it will look very red until the weather gets at it for a while.

      try craigslist (wanted used redwood lumber) you might get something already weathered.

    2. stevetower says:

      All redwood is hundreds of yeas old so what you have is just like what you would bye at the home center. The dimensions may not be the same because they have changed with time, any woodworker can shape boards to match the old ones for you though.

    3. ajetter2003 says:

      you can try a specially lumber store. Most local lumber stores will be able to special order The pieces will be expensive but if you really want to fix the set, this will be the best way.

    4. Jeanbug says:

      I hung onto my grandparents old picnic table for 15 years looking for the right dimension of wood with absolutely no luck. I eventually cut it down to make a garden bench.

      Resources to find old wood would be a salvage yard, recycling center, or a second hand building supply center. You could even put an ad in the paper asking to buy a 1940s picnic table in any condition ~ perhaps someone else has one with broken pieces that you could use for parts.

    5. bigdogrex says:

      lowes or a lumber yard

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