Building an end table?

I am considering building my own set of end tables because I can't find one in the store that I like. What kind of would should I use for the top? I plan on painting them so, the wood doesn't have to be stain grade. But, I would like to avoid the plywood look on the edges.
If I use the "skirting" method, does that leave a seam between the plywood and the skirting?

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    1. Woodwerks says:

      you can use 3/4" MDF which you can get in a size for a one-piece top. you will have to sand the edges well, or rout a decorative edge. if you want to edge glue pieces to make the top, poplar or maple is usually used to minimize the grain pattern showing through the paint.
      Hope that helps.

    2. tom7411 says:

      You can use Plywood if you like brich oak pine. They make edging for plywood. If your going to paint it. Brich is a bit cheaper.

    3. tightwithgreen says:

      I would skirt the edges of the plywood top with some solid wood. There is lots of edging bands you can buy but you have to have square edges. If you skirt the top with some solid boards you can rout you edges and roll them over.

      What I like to do is take a 3×4 by 1 1/4 inch strip and case the tops. This makes the top look like it is thicker (1 1/4 thick).

      Since you are goin to paint it you can use birch ply with pine skirting.

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