How do you build a grooming stands for dogs?

I'm building benches and grooming stands for my Eagle Scout project, and I need some relatively simple blueprints and instructions on how to build a grooming stand. Any suggestions for websites where I might find plans for this kind of project?

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    1. Mupton says:


      good luck

    2. Santa Basset says:

      Goodness, you don’t need to get that fancy (the first link is for goats, by the way).

      Piece of plywood cut to appropriate size. Card table legs (from home depot). Rubber matting. Some screws and glue and you’re ready to go. Screw the legs to the plywood, cut the matting to fit the top and glue it on. You can attach metal trim around the edges if you like. If you want to get fancy you can round off the corners with an appropriate saw. You will need to buy a grooming arm, though.

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