Had a dream about my dead father?

My question isn't whether or not my dad is speaking to me in my dream, or I am just creating this memory on my own. I just had a dream about my dad, he died almost 2 years ago and I've had one other dream about him about a year ago. This dream was different. I was dreaming that I was in a gym working out, which i do, and he appeared to me while i was sitting on a bench taking a break. I looked over to my left and there he was. He looked normal except for one thing, it appeared that 2 of his front teeth were rotting, he had all of his teeth removed years before he passed away and he wore false teeth, so this was strange.. he then told me to contact a man by the name of john wagner, to work on a building that my dad had built a few years back. Strange thing is that he didn't present any emotion like he had in my first dream of him, he just gave me a statement. The biggest thing that I am worried about was the voice that I heard. It was his normal voice... but intermixed with a slight (don't want to say demonic, but this is what i get from movies and such) really deep tone. Does anyone know what this could mean?
sorry for not explaining more in detail but here is more. The building to which he was referring is a building in our back yard. I've searched for the name john wagner and I've found some but none around me..

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    1. Savanna Love says:

      if a dead person talks to you in your dream, you need to gives some consideration to what they said. contact this man, & he is trying to tell you to finish the job he had already started. & since he had said it in a deep tone like that, it probaly meant he was being serious, so you should seriously do what he said. contact this john wagner man, & see if there really is a building that needs to be finished building.

    2. Nick says:

      Well he’s probaly trying to tell you something. I would remember what he told you and try to do it. I wouldn’t worry about what his voice sounded like in dreams somtimes things are alittle different. Hope this helps.

    3. blaznlex1 says:

      Well, do you know a man by the name John Wagner? Did your father? This dream could be foretelling some misfortune or possible health problems.

    4. Kmr Sahil says:

      He is not your dad but he is dublicate copy but not real pls dont trust them they are bad sprit . Jesus prayer can help you.

    5. ~Nikki says:

      For additional details: Maybe the person moved or your father knew them from out of town/state? Know this may sound creepy, but maybe try getting in contact with the John Wagners you’ve found and see if they knew your father? Or if you still have your father’s stuff (example maybe like papers, saved things on the computer etc) you can search through them first.
      If you can’t really do much else, I wouldn’t worry too much about it unless the dream appears again.

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