What can I build with wood and nails?

Something random and pretty pointless - not a chair/bench/bird house or anything useful lol

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    6 Responses to “What can I build with wood and nails?”

    1. *izzie.bella.rina* says:

      a random stupid "creation" that is just a pile of wood stuck together with nails poking out everywhere, and then give it to a friend or family member as a "present" and pretend to be really proud of it and watch their reaction. tell them that you love it lol.

      just an idea aye

    2. old man says:

      tree house

    3. lrfinley11 says:

      depends how much wood you have. My brother once took a bunch of wood scraps and a screw gun and ended up with a wooden ball type thing. I don’t think you can build anything more pointless than that.

    4. skinnysim says:

      a wooden condom

    5. Tio says:

      hey come over to my house and help me finish building a fence and deck for my new pool.

    6. paranut59 says:

      stick man,

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