My Two Dads – God vs Joseph?

which one did he call "his real dad"

Joseph evidently contributed no DNA to Jesus
but he was around and raised him some - probably taught him how to build a chair or something - maybe took him fishing

God "mr popular" busy ruling the universe
ALSO made him die for the cause barely into his 30's

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    12 Responses to “My Two Dads – God vs Joseph?”

    1. brothersaid . says:

      Sick question….really makes no sense.

    2. bj9429 says:

      We don’t know.

      Scripture doesn’t say.

      Why does it matter?

    3. Follow me! says:

      Plus me.

    4. Voice in the Desert says:

      God didn’t make Him die, Jesus was God, and he went willingly to the cross because He loves us.

      We all have an earthly and a heavenly father.

    5. ♥LiKeeWoAhh♥ says:

      i’m thinking both of them…but probably God more because he always called his ‘Father’.

    6. ɹɐǝɟsuɐs Blessed Cheese Maker says:

      Notice that Joseph wasn’t at the crucifixion?

      I am guessing that Jesus had a pretty rocky relationship with his adopted dad.

      I’m just saying, Mary made the trip to Golgotha, but Joseph didn’t spare the time, and I am guessing that he probably wasn’t a fan of his miracle child’s claims of Messiahship, otherwise he would have been there.

      He was probably at home, cursing Panthera.

    7. Brian S says:

      i wonder if god paid mary and joseph child support

    8. genzeleam says:


      Read your Bible.

    9. Adam C says:

      God was His real father. and He died for our sins so that if we believe in him we can live with Him eternally in heaven and not hell.

    10. 7 of 9 says:

      This is one of those things where you realize that Jesus knows how a person feels who has been abandoned by their father or torn apart by divorce or the person gets a stepdad and they just don’t get along (or the father passed away) , this is were a person turns to jesus for comfort because he understands what it is like to loose a father and he not be around when he was in ministry.

    11. Snow Globe says:

      He referred to God as "my father" when he was 12, and that was not something people did in his religion. I’m sure Joseph was his "dad" or "Abba". God chose Joseph to be a caring, supportive father to Jesus. He taught his "son" a good trade, protected him from unwanted attention, and raised him to be a respected member of the community. Everyone in Nazareth believed Joseph was his father. <*)))><

    12. rkd6 says:

      God didn’t make Jesus die…read the Bible.

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