what material should be used for a work bench?

I'm building a work/hobby bench and am looking for some recommendations on what material I should consider that will provide a durable /low maintance top.

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    1. Nic East says:

      The top surface should be durable yet easy to use. If you sit down to work, the height should be the same as your kitchen table; about 30". If you stand up to work, I use 42" since I am tall, but if you are short (Height challenged) you may like something around 36" like your kitchen cabinet bases. I do jewelry avd stained glass. For jewelry, I sit and for stained glass, I stand. You might consider a combination bench with two heights.
      I use white-painted homosote glued and screwed onto heavy plywood on a two by four frame for my bench tops. I paint my walls and ceilings white too. It increases your ability to see. If you need clarification, send me an e-mail.

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