Garage work bench height-How high?

Building a work bench in my garage. What should I cover the 1 & 5/8" plywood with? Thanks

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    1. ian p says:

      You really need a bench that is around hip high so it depends on how tall you are.
      The rough rule of thumb with a vice is that the jaws should be level with you standing upright with your elbow bent at 90 degrees but that also depends also how fit you are, having a bad back would mean you want a slightly higher one.

      The only way of knowing is to try different heights before the final fix, if your kitchen cabinets are a good height to work on and feel comfortable after a while then start from there.

      I put a layer of 3/8 -10mm mdf on my top and gave it a couple of thick coats of yatch varnish to finish. it is cheap enough to replace if you damage it.
      Dont forget it you are going to standing on a rubber mat (anti-fatigue) type then add this to the bench hieght.

      hope this is a help


    2. Clark S says:

      34-36 inches is standard height. What are you going to use it for? Cover it with vinal flooring, tempered masonite, all the way to a sheet of steel.

    3. Kenneth says:

      I have mine covered with fomica…Works pretty good…Easy to keep clean with 409 The height is usually determined by the individual….If you are 6 Ft. 7In. tall a 48In. Hth. one wouldn’t be comfortable for you to work on

    4. Randy says:

      Depends on what you want to use it for. I like to stand up for most of my work so I built mine higher (42"–I’m 6-1). My advise to you is do some of the tasks you want to do (I.e working on parts, wood work, welding, beer drinking etc) at different heights, standing, sitting in a chair, stool etc and decide what works for you. I love the height of mine and think that the bench is more versitile if you build it at standing height (plus you can build storage underneath) but everyone is different.

      Covering is the same way. I built my bench out of 2×6 because I want it to be durable and don’t care about stains but if you aren’t as worried about durability as cleanliness sheet vinyl is a good option.

    5. Jerry says:

      36 inches is standard, but I like 38 inches better. You can cover it with vinyl or rubber matting. Just buy outdoor porch floor mats and cut them to fit.

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