How do I prevent and outdoor bench from sinking into the ground?

I'm building a few sitting benches for my eagle project. They will be placed in a nature preserve but I can't seem to find a way of preventing the benches from sinking. Keep in mind that the people at the preserve plan on moving the benches around even after I am finished with the project. The terrain of the preserve is mostly grass, mud and some mulch trails. To give you a better idea, the preserve is about an hour northwest of Chicago. Any ideas?

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    6 Responses to “How do I prevent and outdoor bench from sinking into the ground?”

    1. AIC Log Cabins says:

      The only way to stop the benches sinking into the ground is to put the legs on some sort of solid base. Concrete flag stones or bricks would be the best to use because they can be moved when the benches are moved too

    2. MARK says:

      If you need to, just make the legs a little longer. Otherwise, set your benches where the ground is going to be a little more firm. Otherwise, if the legs or feet of the bench sinks a little, oh well! Good luck!

    3. flattrack75081 says:

      Make the footprint on the legs longer. Use a pressure treated 2×6 or 2×12 to keep bench from sinking in the soil.
      If using pipe, weld two pieces together.

      Now go drink a beer and relax.

    4. meanolmaw says:

      get eighteen inch square cement patio stones for each bench…. two on each side….. will make a solid base and the legs won’t sink…. and they can move them around with the benches…..

    5. Sew What? says:

      Yep. Go with those patio blocks under the legs. You can set them in the ground a bit.

      The folks that move the benches can move the blocks too.

    6. Ryan says:

      Put a board across from leg to leg on the front and back of the bench. It will distribute the weight across the width of the bench or it might ski down hill if your not carefull lol.

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