Covering table with thin wood layer?

I am building a table out of pine. I want to cover the top with a more exotic wood layer. I need this layer to be very thin (like 4mm). Is this a "veneer" and is there anywhere that sells such thin layers or must I plane down an existing one?

Can you recomment any suppliers of exotic wood like this in the UK or USA?

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  1. thewrangler_sw says:

    Yes, you are looking for a veneer. Veneers are shaved from logs, and there is a bit of variety, not only in the wood species, but also in how the veneer is cut, and re-assembled.
    Then there is the choice of pre-glued, or glue it yourself.

    Rockler has a good supply of veneers for the Do It Yourself worker, and all the supplies that go along with this type of work.

    Ive done quite a bit of veneer work myself, in a production environment, and as a hobbyist. If you are going to lay a large piece of veneer, its handy to keep some dowels, scrap shelf track, or even wax paper handy. Place these on the glued surface of the core, spaced far enough apart to support the veneer. Place the veneer on these items, and pull them out one by one, this prevents the veneer from contacting the glue too soon, and being fixed in the wrong location, heheh…. thats not so much of a problem with cold press glues, but if you use a contact adhesive like I do (and most professional shops) then it is important that you get the veneer in the right place on the first try.

    Oh, and before applying the glue …. make certain the core is CLEAN and smooth! ANY little bits of sawdust or chips left on the core, will telegraph through the veneer, leaving a bump, or dip in the surface.

    Have Fun

  2. crazy_gang1843 says:

    why would you construct a table from pine and then want to cover it with veneer. if you don’t like pine why did you construct the table from pine…..? you should have constructed the table from a timber you liked, it would have made a much better finish.
    have a look in some diy stores you can get some pretty good stains in various colours to stain a pine table, it will look for better than veneering it.
    was you planning on veneering the whole table, leg’s an’ all.
    that will be so time consuming you would be quicker to construct another table.
    try staining it i think you will be impressed.
    if, and i say if, you don’t like it you can still veneer over the stain.. hope this helps.

  3. benjy chang says:

    Hey AA,
    I truly agree with crazy_gang above. If you are going to made a timber table out of pine and then laminate the top with exotic wood say African mahogany or Burmese teak, have you ever consider that it may look a little bit weird ie. The sides and legs will remain as pine finish. Hence, will you laminate all the exposed surfaces???

    Why don’t you make it out completely of the exotic timber. It will look more natural, harmonious and consistent in design.

    Alternatively, why don’t you make the table from laminated wood particleboard with the exotic wood finish. This will help you to save some money? and time too!! ie You don’t have to laminate the top! Yahoooo….

    Just some food for thought before you decide to buy the pine!

  4. emgeealex says:

    Halfassed woodworking I see. Buy the freakin’ species and do the job right. The new pine will shrink and the veneer will need trimming in about a year.

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