how far away do kitchen cabinets have to be from an oven?

I Had a cabinet maker custom design my cabinets and they are only a few inches from my gas burner. I accidentely had a pan touching the side of the cabinet and it burned the cherry cabinets. When I told someone, they said its illegal to build cabinets within 12" of your range in Minnesota. Is this true???

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  1. chicagirl51 says:

    Is your stove enclosed in cabinets??? The counter should be level with the stove top and the side upper cabinets should be on the walls at least 18" and the one over the stove 24". There should be at least 18" of counter space on each side of the stove however I have a doorway and a small base cabinet 10" wide which is fine.

  2. KALT says:

    You have to check your local building/fire codes. It is a bad idea to have a cooking surface so close to a wall or cabinet, as it can catch them on fire.

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